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What Is This?

Pushmore is a tool that helps you get bits of information without hassle from one device to another. Before you can start receiving text on a device you simply have to open the pushmore website on it and add the device to one distinct account. If permission is granted while adding, pushmore will show a notification on the device when a push message is received.


There are more ways to use pushmore than this website.

If this website is opened on a desktop browser a pushmore search engine is automatically installed. After that you can use the omnibar of your Chrome browser and type "pushmore" press tab and then insert the text you want to push and hit enter.

On a mobile device after you added pushmore to the homescreen it will be available as a share target. This allowes you to push from any native share dialog.

In your own program or script you can use a unique device push url to directly send a notification to it. You can find the push url in the settings after you added your device. Provide the get parameter text to set the content of the notification.

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